May 15, 2008

jump around

Look at me mommy, I'm flying!
Photos by Rona. Jumping By me.

May 9, 2008

gum problum

I had an appointment with the dentist today.
I am terified of them.
First of all - I don't like needles.
Second - I don't like watching the dentist stick needles inside my mouth.
Third - It hurts!
Fourth - I can't stand the sound and feel of those awful dental drills.
Fifth - Need I go On?!
So when the dentists' secretary left a message on my cellphone telling me that the appointment was cancelled and I should call back to set a new one, I obviously didn't.
I'll just use satrwberries and baking soda and pray fiercely to the Dental God.

May 6, 2008

i'm aging and i like it

26th birth day coming in two days....

I actually feel different somehow-
my knees hurt,
and I've got this nice beer-belly.

"Lines form on my face and hands
Lines form from the ups and downs
I´m in the middle, without any plans
I´m a boy and I´m a man."
Alice Cooper, I'm 18.
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