January 30, 2007


Tel Aviv, Disengoff street No. 47.
There's something awfully ugly in concrete buildings, those old 80's monuments of square boredom.
I don't know why, but I like walking in the suburban streets of Tel Aviv. I get this strange feeling of unstoppable curiousness, always thinking who lives inside these dull grey boxes.
And I just can't wait until I will also live in a place like that, always thinking of what other people outside my monochromatic cube are thinking about me.

January 26, 2007

Flying Low

I've finished the first semester of college for this year.
Now all I have left are a few tests and two more assignments to hand over.
Frankly, these last 4 months went by pretty fast.

January 20, 2007

In The Clouds

"Free your mind and float away, ooh-ooh-ooh
Lose all time and drift away
Violence in the world is on the rise again
Free yourself, spin away

Ah, climb a mountain to reach yourself
Climb a mountain to find zen, zen, zen, ay"

In the Clouds, The Cult.

January 17, 2007


Training Camp (Bahad) 20, 16:37.
New-born leaders, Young commanders.

Dedicated to Yosh and Taki.

January 16, 2007


Azrieli Train Station, Tel Aviv.
Oh how I love the feeling of relief after a stressful day.
That adrenalin surge that accompanies you all day long is finally gone leaving you with a strange feeling of satisfaction, escorted by a strong vitality sensation, no mater how was your day.
Funny, but suddenly I am very tired.

January 13, 2007

Learning to Swim

Currently, I'm learning to swim.
Trying to navigate amongst the huge waves of home-work is almost impossible for me- I just don't know how to conduct my time. Even now, I'm writing these lines in a great hurry, because 5 minutes ago I had to go out to the movies.
hopefully I will be able to keep my head above the water this upcoming week.

January 9, 2007

A Wild Thing

This photo was not taken today.
It was taken a few months ago, but because today I wasn't able to take any pictures (I forgot the camera at home...:) ) this will have to do.

This photograph of a female Ibex was taken at the Ein-Gedi reservoir.
Watching those beautiful animals walk around the tall palm trees, I started wondering how life was for them thousands of years ago.
Before we came to photograph them.
I wish I could take a journey back in time, ultimately observing life as they were.
Maybe taking a few photographs.

January 7, 2007

Words of A Prophet

Saw this interesting wall of new-massayah-prophecy near the Tel-Aviv central bus station, on my way to collage.

January 5, 2007

Come rain or sun

The winter rain has returned.
So I grabbed my camera and took a pictures of this lemon, from the tree that my father nurtures.
Although I prefer winter time, this yellow sun brings up summer yearning.

January 4, 2007

Mind the Gap

Make time, use it, take advantage of your free hours in the day.
I recently discovered that time can be a rare asset. I found myself sitting hunched over the computer, not noticing I've not moved a muscle for hours, not to mention eating something (End of the first semester, you see). So the above sentence is extremely hard for me to implement- but still I try. For as Nietche said (or was it Marks?)- Set your soul free by working, use you're time to create.

January 3, 2007

Central Bus Station

Tel-Aviv, 8:25 am.

"I haven't been myself of late
I haven't slept for several days
But coming home I feel like I
Designed these buildings I walk by

Elbow, Station Approach (Leaders of the Free World)

January 2, 2007


Ramat-Gan, 9:26 am.
Got to work a bit late, but couldn't help noticing those clouds reflecting from the Yahalom Building. Nature's architecture mixed with ours.
Frankly, I like natures' best. :)

January 1, 2007


Monday 7:00 am, Netanya Industrial Area.
It's been a stormy week, but early morning sun has promised a new begining.
Clouds of rain had cleared the way to a sunny day, and on my way to work I suddenly became a bit more optimistic.
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