May 15, 2009

15 (slow) seconds of glory

Must... Reach... Sea...


This turtle was found shot in the head, taken care of by wonderful people, and re-realesed to the ocean.
Sometimes we do good things.

May 10, 2009

juggle with fire

Fire juggling can be a dangerous thing.
You might get burnt.
You have to be concentrated the whole time.
You don't know if you will make it.
You don't know if the crowd will even like it.
Or at least appreciate it.

But all of these don't really matter,
if when the show is over you can say to yourself:

"I tried, I did it, I took another step".

May 2, 2009

banjo Joe

Banjo Joe,
Sitting in the sun,
Playing his banjo;
Is he happy when a coin drops?
Is he happy when a tune works?
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