July 30, 2007

Barely Alive, But Still Breathing

There's a death sentence hanging over my head.
I'm not talking about the usual "killed in a car accident", "death by lightning" kind of death.
I'm going to die because of where I live, because of who I am.
I'm From Israel. I'm Jewish.
The whole world knows I'm gonna die. They even know the date.
They might even have the ability to save me from dying.
I guess that after the first atom bomb explodes here, you will get to see that ability "in action".
I won't.
I'll be dead because one man wants me dead.
I'll be dead because the whole world couldn't stop one man.
Or wouldn't.
I'll be dead because we've let religion tell us what to do, who to kill.
I'll be dead because I have to die, in order for this world to live.
I feel like shit.

July 25, 2007


This is the face of my country right now.
And we are so busy hiding our faces that we forget no one is actually watching.

July 23, 2007

Can't wait

This is the last week of the semester.
I'm so busy with my two last assignments for this year It seems like my days have only 2 hours, 1 of them is for sleeping...

Ohhh come Sunday,
Monday for beach and sun,
Tuesday for sleeping.
Wednesday... well Wednesday is a whole new ball game...
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