June 10, 2008

off to work

The semester has ended finally, And now - Off to work!
3 more projects to finish.
I hardly have any will to move myself out of bed,
let alone work on those projects.

June 5, 2008


One sentence/
What a miss - And it makes me so frustrated...

I had to say just one sentence to make it work -
But I simply blacked-out and in a few minutes it was all over.

And now I have this awful, unbearable feeling of "I was almost there!"
Sorry for the lousy quality,
I forgot my camera on 800 iso...

June 1, 2008


Walking in the narrow streets of Jerusalem is one of the most unique experiences.
Especially in these troubled times, when Muslim and Jew are alike in their fear from each other.
So it was a real intense feeling walking inside the Muslim quarter during the Jewish holiday of Passover.
Was I afraid? A little.
Was it ok to be afraid? I guess it was.
Is there a real reason to be afraid? I would like to say no -
But here nowadays it seems fear has become a part of us.

For no good reason and for a very few good ones.
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