June 25, 2009


We are sometimes afraid to look at our reflections.
Scared of what we may find.
See something that we did not want to see,
Something that we try hard not to see.

To know who I am I must face my mirrors,
To do the things I want most I first have to deal with my reflections.

The easiest thing is to look away,
The bravest thing is to go along with them.

June 19, 2009

lost for words

When feelings get hold of me,
Throw me back and forth without warning,
I can go from yellow to blue in a heartbeat,
I can lose my words in the turmoil,
I sit and stare,
Letting the wind pass, reshaping my surface.

It seems that I can't control them, my feelings,
Even though sometimes I try.
And I shouldn't.

The wind is my friend.

June 1, 2009

life time

We're always so worried about time.
"How long will this take", "When did that happen?"...

Birthdays, anniversaries,
Watches, calendars.
All make us remember exactly when everything happened,
While the actual truth is that no matter how you try,
The best and worst moments of our life
Cannot be measured by time.


Funny enough, after writing this I've discovered that
this is my 100th post in 3 years of blogging.
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