March 27, 2007

Walk A path

We all must walk a certain path, or maybe some, so we won't get lost.
But what happens when you're not certain of the certain path you have to walk?
What happens when you alrady are lost, and can't find any certain paths?

Who ever said we must walk a certain path?
Can't we just keep walking?

I get the feeling it's getting harder and herder to just keep walking.
But I don't want to choose a path.
I just want to walk everywhere I can..
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March 21, 2007

March 8, 2007

"I'm free!"

John Inman, 1935-2007, R.I.P.

It's sad when someone you know dies.
It's sadder if it's someone you love, appreciate or respect.

But it's different when someone you always thought of as invincible dies.
I only knew John from his marvelous character Mr. Humphries in the British sit-com "are You Being Served?"' which was the funniest show for me when I was a young boy. I absolutely loved that show and all the characters in it.
Last few years, I caught an episode or two just zapping trough and trough, and it amazed me how that humor was still appealing for me- I was that little boy once again, sitting in our living room trying to catch all those funny English phrases so I can repeat them in front of my friends, unsure why Mr Humphries acts so weird, praying Mrs. Slocombe starts fighting with Captain Peacock.
That's invincibility.
And I suppose for an actor, a comedian, that kind of invincibility actually means heaven.
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Kefar Youval, 10:07 am.
Watching the Cranes migrate to the northern lands was an am zing experience.
Hundreds of them flew over our heads, making such a loud commotion, flying away with such ease.
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March 5, 2007

Upcoming spring

Golan Heights, 16:55.
This time of year, the Golan Heights are the most beautiful place to be.
Everything is green - one might think he's in Ireland - the air is clean, filled with the unique aroma of spring, and the skies are so blue - they make the clouds seem like little insults, specks of dirt.
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