March 8, 2007

"I'm free!"

John Inman, 1935-2007, R.I.P.

It's sad when someone you know dies.
It's sadder if it's someone you love, appreciate or respect.

But it's different when someone you always thought of as invincible dies.
I only knew John from his marvelous character Mr. Humphries in the British sit-com "are You Being Served?"' which was the funniest show for me when I was a young boy. I absolutely loved that show and all the characters in it.
Last few years, I caught an episode or two just zapping trough and trough, and it amazed me how that humor was still appealing for me- I was that little boy once again, sitting in our living room trying to catch all those funny English phrases so I can repeat them in front of my friends, unsure why Mr Humphries acts so weird, praying Mrs. Slocombe starts fighting with Captain Peacock.
That's invincibility.
And I suppose for an actor, a comedian, that kind of invincibility actually means heaven.
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