September 20, 2007

as life flows by

For some reason, life has decided to keep poking me in the stomach.

This post is in memory of Adi Na'eem and his newly wedded wife Rotem,
Who died earlier this week a plane crash in Thailand.

They got married two weeks ago, and flew to their dream-honeymoon in Poket, Thailand, Along with newly-wed friends Tzhachi and Hofit, who had been married for five months.

But apparently life had other plans for the two young, loving couples.
Their plane crashed during landing.

Both couples died, each holding his/her beloved.

Last time I spoke with Adi was 10 years ago.
He was my classmate.
We weren't the best of friends or anything,
but he always seemed to me as a good, honest soul,
always kind and friendly.

That's why, apart from the horrible tragedy of this story, I'm sad to my bones.

And I'm sad that I can't find any meaning for this horrible death.


Tomorrow I'm going to watch a tennis games between the teams of Israel and Chile.
Life keeps on flowing.
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