June 27, 2007


Lately I've gotten back to rock music.
It's not that I left it forgotten and buried away,
it's just that I started getting interested in Jazz, funk, soul and even went into the darkside of industrial and electronic music.
So I began listening to all of my "old bands", youth favorites and teenage loves- you know the ones:
Rush, Led Zeppelin, Queensryche, Allman Brothers, Extreme, Guns...
I even returned to my "black" period - Opeth, Testament...

And while listening, as I was dusting off old CD covers and forgotten vinyls, different memories and feelings came back to me.

It all made me feel.. well, actually very good! :)
Like time really doesn't matter.
I'm still that school boy with a walkman and big earphones,
listening to my music like there is no tomorrow.

Now I know not many people find this page, as it is maybe too personal and less appealing for the average web-surfer, but I'll try this nonetheless:

Post a comment with your favourite\loved\nostalgic youth band.
Lets see what we'll get! :)
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